Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Ch5

-" 'and when he's about six months old I'm going to sit him down with a basketball in front of him, and a football, and a baseball..."(p.61)
-"'Thanks Ron. I didn't know you were interested in music.' 'I like semi-classical a lot'"(p.64).

These contrast eachother becasue in the first one Ron seems to be the jock he is while in the second quote we see a different side of Ron one that likes classical music.

-dress sheilds
-highschool yearbook
-Brooks Brother shirt

Class Concsiousness:

"'Don't raise your voice to me. When's the last time you lifted a finger to help around here?' 'I'm not a slave...I'm a daughter'"(p.64).

Brenda at home does not need to do any work everything is done for her and her mother is bringing attention to that.  The way that Brenda answers suggests that she does not think she needs to do any work.

"We dressed similarily, sneakers, sweat socks, khaki Bermudas, and sweat shirts... She meant, I was sure, that I was somehow beginning to look the way she wanted me to. Like herself."(p. 71)

Although we couldn't see that Brenda had a problem that Neil was below her economic class inside we knew she did and she is starting to change that fact by making Neil look more 'sutible' for her class.

Goodbye Columbus Ch4

-"Every morning before the library opened the boy was waiting; sometimes he seated himself on the lion's back, sometimes under his belly, sometimes he just stood around throwing pebbles at his mane".(p. 47)
-"We went to the Lions Club Fair one night and Brenda won a Lions Club ashtray by shooting three baskets in a row"(p.55). 

I think these parallel eachother becasue in both  quotes the lions serve as a game to someone. In the first quote the are a sort of playground to the boy and in the second quote Neil and Brenda go to have fun and play games.

-"...and I like the library better than that..."(p.51).
-"...:the library wasn't going to be my life"(p.61).

These contrast eachother becasue in one he is saying that he's rather be working at the library while the other is saying how much he'd rather be doing something else  with his life.

-diving board

Class Conciousness:

"'...and I like the library better than that...' 'How did you get a job there?'" P.51

We see class consciousness here because Brenda is judging Neil about the fact that he is working at the library. Since Brenda has monney she has never had  to work while Neil worked even in college. 

"'Aunt Gladys, they don't live over the store.' 'I lived over a store I wasn't ahamed.'" p.57

Aunt Gladys is surprised that Neil is going on vacation for a week while Neil tells her that they have the room for him not like his house with them. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Ch 3


-"I got up and crossed over to the library, wondering if Brenda was awake yet"(31). 
-"I looked at my watch occasionally, thought of Brenda..."(32). 

Neil has developed feelings for Brenda and throughout these first pages we repeatedly see Neil thinking about her.


-"The Lackawanna commuter trains were rumbling in a few blocks to the north and I could hear them, I thought- the sunny green cars, old and clean, with windows that opened all the way"(30).
-"The park...was empty and shady and smelled of trees, night, and dog leavings; and there was a damp smell too..."(30). 

In the first quote Neil describes the cars as cars that are beautiful and have history which normally with them being old would be worn down and in the second quote he describes the park which shoud be natural and beautiful as "empty".


-The Lackawanna Commuter Trains
-Two oriental vases
-Little annex
-cement lions
-Cater-cornered leather chairs
-ping pong table
-ice bucket
-shot glass
-swizzle stick
-preyzel bowl
-23 bottles of Jack Daniels
-picture of Brenfa on a horse

Class Conciousness:
"I got up and crossed over to the library, wondering if Brenda was awake yet"(31). This shows the fact that Neil is heading to work becasue he needs the money while Brenda could still be asleep because she does not need to work and does not need the money.

Goodbye Columbus CH 2


-On page 21 "...I could see the black lawn with its twin oak might call them sporting-goods trees"(21). Later it says "We sat under the biggest of the oak trees while out on the basketball court"(24). This parallels that the big "twin oak trees" show money trhough the material "sporting-goods at Brenda's house.

"The next day I held Brenda's glasses for he ronce again this time not as a momentary servant but as afternoon guests, or perhaps as both, which still was an improvement"(14). In Ch 1 when Brenda gave him her glasses she believed he worked there but now in Ch 2 she knows him.

-black tank suit
-knucklesized rings
-straw hats
-big blue umbrella
-two irons
-a golf ball
-a tennis can
-a baseball bat
-first basemen glove
-riding crop
-basketball court
-a square red blanket

Again I feel that the glasses and the sporting good are the most important.

Class Conciousness:

"We did not eat in the kitchen; rather, the six of us- Brenda, myself, Ron, Mr. and Mrs. Patimkin, and Brenda's little sister, Julie- sat around the dining room table..."(21) In this quote we see that Neil is comparing the way that he eat in the kitchen everyone in different turns the way that Brenda eats which is everyone together in the dining room while someone serves them. Neils dinner is disorganized while Brenda's is organized.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Goodbye Columbus CH 1

Parallels and Contrast

-"... She asked me to hold her glasses"(1) 

Neil used the fact that Brrenda gave him her glasses to hold as a way to make it less weird that he is calling a complete stranger.

-"The darker it got the more savagely did Brenda rush the net...earlier, in the light, she had stayed back..."(11)

When it got darker it seemed that Brenda was more awake than when it was light out but normally when it is light out people are more awake

-diving board
-suburban phone book
-golf balls
-whirring fan
-salt shakeer
-fuzzy jackets
-War and Peace
-Tennis Racket
-Neil's Car
Map of the Streets

I feel like the glasses are th most important because it is what got Neil to meet Brenda and he later used it as a way to remember him. 

Class Consciousness:

In this first chapter I feel like class consciousness is there but it is very subtle. Some instances include when he is driving towards Brenda there is a change in scenery.  Another part is  the fact that Neil is going to pick up Brenda from playing tennis after he met her at a country club and she went to drive golf balls. Another instance is when Neil compares the houses in Brenda's neighborhood to his own saying that everyone in Brenda's is staying inside in the AC house and Neil's neighborhood everyone is outside on their porches. My last example is when Neil tells Brenda what car she is driving:" 'I'll be driving a-' I hung back with the year, 'a tan plymouth...'"(8). He was ashamed of the car he drove and didnt want her to know.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Double Indemnity vs. LA Confidential

We see many comparisons between the movies LA Confidential and Double Indemnity. In the Double Indemnity shot we see Phyllis and Neff, the two main characters in the movie, and in the LA Confidential still we see Lynn and Edmund, which are also very important characters. These two shots are medium shots and are also two-shots. In both the shots the man is taller and is looking down on the women. This shows us how the movie wants us to portray women vs. men. It shows us that men have the power in both the scenes. In both shots though the women's faces have more light and are more focused on than the men. In LA Confidential we can only see the side of Edmunds face and in Double Indemnity part of Neff's face is covered by the shadow of his hat. This tells us in a way the the amen, Lynn and Phyllis, have more knowledge of the situation at hand.

There are also differences in these stills. One being the fact that Phyllis is covering her eyes with sunglasses. This can suggest that she is hiding something while Lynn is more open. Lynn's face also seems to be more relaxed while Phyllis's face is more stressed by the way her lips are positioned.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zahra's Paradise Section 5

Who Am I?:

This book shows identity in many ways. The most characters in the book seem to have contructed their own identity even though they are living a time in which they are expected to resemble their leaders. There are some people who do follow those guidelines though. These people are usually the people who are either scared and believe they should not be who they want to be but also the people who want power and the way to get power is by following those who have it. History determines our identity by setiing a basic structure of who we are. Our ancestors give the identiy of were we come from but what we do with those qualities make people the individuals they decide to be.