Thursday, August 29, 2013

Movies I Saw This Summer

Movies at Home

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

Nosotros Los Nobles

What Happens in Vegas

The Goonies

Sixteen Candles

A Walk to Remember

The Prince and Me

Dirty Dancing

Movies at Theater

Now You See Me

We're the Millers


The Heat

Despicable Me 2

Monsters University

This is the End

The Bling Ring

The To Do List

Summer Reading Questions

To what extent is Oedipus responsible for his own fate in the play? Be prepared to discuss at least two examples from the text which lead you to believe he is or is not responsible.
He is responsible because He should have been more aware of the situation considering what his destiny was planned out to be. 

He is not responsible because he was never told that the parents he believed were his own weren't his. If someone were to have told him that then he would have been more prepared to fight his destiny.

How good a king is Oedipus?  In what ways does he excel as a leader?  In what ways does he fall short? 
Oedipus excels as a leader because he is determined to solve the mystery of the murder of Laius. He believes that by solving this mystery the corruption that has become of Thebes would no longer be. He is thinking not only of himself but of the town as a whole which is what a good leader should do. 

He falls short with the fact that he not willing to listen to the Creon when he says that it was him who killed Laius. He was too focused on himself and not with what ended up being the truth and accepting it.

Since Oedipus is considered the quintessential tragic hero, then what would you argue is his tragic mistake?  In other words, what in his own character/personality or what wrong-headed action does he take which leads him to his ultimate downfall? Choose a particular flaw or action and explain its relation to his disgrace and exile.

His tragic mistake is not being able to see the truth when he was told it. If he would have accepted it I feel that things would have not ended as badly. His ranting in the play when they are trying to tell him the truth leads him to his downfall because the people of Thebes lose some of the respect they had for him.

If we agree that Oedipus the King is about the role of fate and humans’ inability to escape destiny, in what ways does Minority Report, and the character of John Anderton in particular, support or refute Oedipus’ notion of destiny?  Think of two scenes that support your position.

He tries to change destiny by going into the past and changing what happens. In the first scene of the movie John Anderton goes into the past and saves a women from her husband who was about to kill her because he caught her cheating. John was able to change what happened through the program Precrime.

Anderton finds out that his destiny is to kill someone which he quickly tries to figure out a way to stop this.

The eyes are often associated not just with the act of seeing but also of revealing oneself to others. In the film, explain the different ways that eyes or the act of seeing are used for:  1. The Precogs, 2. John Anderton, 3. The culture of the world of the film. 

The precog in the beginning of the movie grabbed Anderton and asked him if he could see. Later in that scene he was told that they can only see the future. The precogs memory is saved in a circular eye shaped structure.

John Anderton uses his eyes to observe the scene of the crime to locate it and investigate the situation. He also uses his eyes to watch the visuals of his son and wife which show that he began participating in the pre crime program because of them

To gain entrance into the train there is an eye scanner which is the way that they find Anderton after he has fled. This also happens all over the city.

The story upon which the movie is based was written in the 1950's.  The movie came out in 2002 but is set in 2054.  How much of the events/the attitudes of the movie do you see in contemporary American culture?  Where will be in 44 years?  Speculate on the direction in which our country is headed.  What future contingencies are we preparing for?  To what extent does our attempt to prepare for certain future events determine our own fate? 

It shows corruption in the system which we see many times in American culture. It also shows the strive to gain power and the lengths people will go to gain it. I believe that in 44 years we will be a more advanced culture but still similar. Technology will grow tremendously as will Americans. Our culture will still have the same structure which we have today.  As a country we are preparing for way in which we make our nation stronger and more powerful as well as united. To prepare for future events determines our destiny because we Americans are so determined in getting what we want that many times we will try anything to get that.