Sunday, September 29, 2013

Minority Report Still #32

This scene occurs after Lara Clarke (Kathryn Morris), Anderton's(Tom Cruise) wife, had just found out that Lamar Burgess(Max Von Sydow) killed Anne Lively(Jessica Harper). She finds out from Burgess making a remark about the way Lively was killed that no one else had known. He quckly leaves saying he has to go to the press conference and Clarke is there in realization. The camera does a close up to the gun in box and the next scene is this one. In this scene Clarke walks in and points the gun to the man and tells him that she wants to see her husband, Anderton. The man then asks her how she got in and she places a bag with an eye in front of him. The scene ends here and then goes to the press conference.

This shot I believe is a close-up shot of the gun. Although it is a close up shot to the gun it still seems it could be a Medium shot of the man. Its a two person shot because you see both the man and Clarke's hand. I believe that this shot is seen from Clark's point of view. One can tell because she is looking at the man and we are also. There is a diegetic sound in the beginning which is the man playing the organs.

The colors in this shot are very dark except for Clarke's hand. We have talked alot about colors in the class and I believe that this is showing contrast between good and bad. The gun is dark and bad as well as the man who is keeping Anderton. Clarke's  is light because it shows that she is trying to save Anderton and reveal the truth.

I also noticed a detail in which in the previous scene ends with a close up of the gun in the box and then this scene starts with the gun pointed. This helps set a clear image of the person holding the gun even before showing who it was.

I also noticed power distribution in this shot. The way that the man is looking up at Clarke shows that she has the power in this situation which is true due to the fact that she has a gun pointed at him and is looking for information.