Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Double Indemnity vs. LA Confidential

We see many comparisons between the movies LA Confidential and Double Indemnity. In the Double Indemnity shot we see Phyllis and Neff, the two main characters in the movie, and in the LA Confidential still we see Lynn and Edmund, which are also very important characters. These two shots are medium shots and are also two-shots. In both the shots the man is taller and is looking down on the women. This shows us how the movie wants us to portray women vs. men. It shows us that men have the power in both the scenes. In both shots though the women's faces have more light and are more focused on than the men. In LA Confidential we can only see the side of Edmunds face and in Double Indemnity part of Neff's face is covered by the shadow of his hat. This tells us in a way the the amen, Lynn and Phyllis, have more knowledge of the situation at hand.

There are also differences in these stills. One being the fact that Phyllis is covering her eyes with sunglasses. This can suggest that she is hiding something while Lynn is more open. Lynn's face also seems to be more relaxed while Phyllis's face is more stressed by the way her lips are positioned.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zahra's Paradise Section 5

Who Am I?:

This book shows identity in many ways. The most characters in the book seem to have contructed their own identity even though they are living a time in which they are expected to resemble their leaders. There are some people who do follow those guidelines though. These people are usually the people who are either scared and believe they should not be who they want to be but also the people who want power and the way to get power is by following those who have it. History determines our identity by setiing a basic structure of who we are. Our ancestors give the identiy of were we come from but what we do with those qualities make people the individuals they decide to be. 

Zahra's Paradise Section 4

Fate vs. Free Will:

The characters in this book seem to be writing their own destiny. Everyone keeps telling them to stop looking for Mehdi. They are also saying that they can't do anything to help. The charaters though are ignoring that and are still searching. They do have a choince. They can choos to stop looking or they can choose to still look. 

Where people live I believe determines some sort of destiny. For example if I did not move from Mexico when I was younger I belive I would have been a completely different person. Relating back to Zahra's Paradise is that if they had not been living in Iran through out this conflict then the likelyhood of Mehdi missing would not be very true.

On page 170 they bring the clock again as they did previously. They want us to be informeed on what day it is and the time. I believe that they do this because it draws us in more like were actually there witnessing what is happening.

Zahra's Paradise Section 3

Words Words Words:
On page 100 it is showing them waiting at the Revolutionary Court. They wait and wait and wait. The way they show that they are waiting is not by using words but the way they illustrate the picture. The way they do it is by putting a clock in the corner and having 8 frames showing time. This lets the image speak for it self without using words. This could keep the reader interested more becasue it is bringing them in by images and not words. Short phrases seem to go better with these types of books casue it keeps it concise and flowy while the long phrases make you want to stop and not read the whole thing. 

A contrast I saw also relates to words. On page 100 as I mentioned above theres very little wording while on the next page there is a lot more. There are chunkier phrases. This makes the page look more compact and makes it harder to see the big picture.

Zahra's Paradise Section 2

Frames and contrast:
On pages 64 and 65 the frames are very different from eachother. On 64 they are organized and are all realtively the same shape, triangles. The storyline on this page seems to be organized as well there is  a man helping him find his brother. While on page 65 though the whole page is chaos. We can tell that it is chaos not only by the image and the words on the page but also by the way the frames are laid out. There is no specific organization for these frames. The way these frames are laid out help the reader understand that there is something chaotic going on in the text.

Zahra's Paradise Section 1


On page 37 there are four frames of the mother showing a picture of Mehdi. In the first three the picture shows only his hairline and his face is white. There are no facial elements. In the last one though you can see his eyebrows.

On Page 40 an 41 the image takes up both pages. This image is supposed to be a flashback in someway. the previous image shows the man say: "Freedom Square?" and then it goes to freedom square. This image shows the riot with people with signs saying they want a democracy and a vote.Theres a mixture between light and dark some people are wearing dark clothing while others are wearing light. It seems to be one big distance shot starting close and then going deeper. It also seems to be a high angle shot. Its is looking down on the people. The farther back the people go the less detail they have.