Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Double Indemnity vs. LA Confidential

We see many comparisons between the movies LA Confidential and Double Indemnity. In the Double Indemnity shot we see Phyllis and Neff, the two main characters in the movie, and in the LA Confidential still we see Lynn and Edmund, which are also very important characters. These two shots are medium shots and are also two-shots. In both the shots the man is taller and is looking down on the women. This shows us how the movie wants us to portray women vs. men. It shows us that men have the power in both the scenes. In both shots though the women's faces have more light and are more focused on than the men. In LA Confidential we can only see the side of Edmunds face and in Double Indemnity part of Neff's face is covered by the shadow of his hat. This tells us in a way the the amen, Lynn and Phyllis, have more knowledge of the situation at hand.

There are also differences in these stills. One being the fact that Phyllis is covering her eyes with sunglasses. This can suggest that she is hiding something while Lynn is more open. Lynn's face also seems to be more relaxed while Phyllis's face is more stressed by the way her lips are positioned.


  1. Regina, Generally good work here, but I'd call the shot of Lynn a CU. Also, it's not clear to me Exley has the power in that scene. P and W are both covered (glasses and hat) in bottom shot. They have already committed murder at this point in the movie.

  2. Regina, Where is all your work on The Road? I'm worried about how far behind you seem to have fallen -- especially after such a strong start to the year. Please see me on Monday.