Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zahra's Paradise Section 5

Who Am I?:

This book shows identity in many ways. The most characters in the book seem to have contructed their own identity even though they are living a time in which they are expected to resemble their leaders. There are some people who do follow those guidelines though. These people are usually the people who are either scared and believe they should not be who they want to be but also the people who want power and the way to get power is by following those who have it. History determines our identity by setiing a basic structure of who we are. Our ancestors give the identiy of were we come from but what we do with those qualities make people the individuals they decide to be. 

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  1. ZP responses are generally on target, but you can develop your ideas more fully -- especially with more careful analysis of evidence. remember to quote from exact page numbers and specific frames on each page.