Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goodbye Columbus CH 2


-On page 21 "...I could see the black lawn with its twin oak trees...one might call them sporting-goods trees"(21). Later it says "We sat under the biggest of the oak trees while out on the basketball court"(24). This parallels that the big "twin oak trees" show money trhough the material "sporting-goods at Brenda's house.

"The next day I held Brenda's glasses for he ronce again this time not as a momentary servant but as afternoon guests, or perhaps as both, which still was an improvement"(14). In Ch 1 when Brenda gave him her glasses she believed he worked there but now in Ch 2 she knows him.

-black tank suit
-knucklesized rings
-straw hats
-big blue umbrella
-two irons
-a golf ball
-a tennis can
-a baseball bat
-first basemen glove
-riding crop
-basketball court
-a square red blanket

Again I feel that the glasses and the sporting good are the most important.

Class Conciousness:

"We did not eat in the kitchen; rather, the six of us- Brenda, myself, Ron, Mr. and Mrs. Patimkin, and Brenda's little sister, Julie- sat around the dining room table..."(21) In this quote we see that Neil is comparing the way that he eat in the kitchen everyone in different turns the way that Brenda eats which is everyone together in the dining room while someone serves them. Neils dinner is disorganized while Brenda's is organized.

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