Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Ch 3


-"I got up and crossed over to the library, wondering if Brenda was awake yet"(31). 
-"I looked at my watch occasionally, thought of Brenda..."(32). 

Neil has developed feelings for Brenda and throughout these first pages we repeatedly see Neil thinking about her.


-"The Lackawanna commuter trains were rumbling in a few blocks to the north and I could hear them, I thought- the sunny green cars, old and clean, with windows that opened all the way"(30).
-"The park...was empty and shady and smelled of trees, night, and dog leavings; and there was a damp smell too..."(30). 

In the first quote Neil describes the cars as cars that are beautiful and have history which normally with them being old would be worn down and in the second quote he describes the park which shoud be natural and beautiful as "empty".


-The Lackawanna Commuter Trains
-Two oriental vases
-Little annex
-cement lions
-Cater-cornered leather chairs
-ping pong table
-ice bucket
-shot glass
-swizzle stick
-preyzel bowl
-23 bottles of Jack Daniels
-picture of Brenfa on a horse

Class Conciousness:
"I got up and crossed over to the library, wondering if Brenda was awake yet"(31). This shows the fact that Neil is heading to work becasue he needs the money while Brenda could still be asleep because she does not need to work and does not need the money.

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  1. Regina, these EARLY responses are thoughtful, but where are chapters 4-8?!