Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Ch4

-"Every morning before the library opened the boy was waiting; sometimes he seated himself on the lion's back, sometimes under his belly, sometimes he just stood around throwing pebbles at his mane".(p. 47)
-"We went to the Lions Club Fair one night and Brenda won a Lions Club ashtray by shooting three baskets in a row"(p.55). 

I think these parallel eachother becasue in both  quotes the lions serve as a game to someone. In the first quote the are a sort of playground to the boy and in the second quote Neil and Brenda go to have fun and play games.

-"...and I like the library better than that..."(p.51).
-"...:the library wasn't going to be my life"(p.61).

These contrast eachother becasue in one he is saying that he's rather be working at the library while the other is saying how much he'd rather be doing something else  with his life.

-diving board

Class Conciousness:

"'...and I like the library better than that...' 'How did you get a job there?'" P.51

We see class consciousness here because Brenda is judging Neil about the fact that he is working at the library. Since Brenda has monney she has never had  to work while Neil worked even in college. 

"'Aunt Gladys, they don't live over the store.' 'I lived over a store I wasn't ahamed.'" p.57

Aunt Gladys is surprised that Neil is going on vacation for a week while Neil tells her that they have the room for him not like his house with them. 

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