Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Ch5

-" 'and when he's about six months old I'm going to sit him down with a basketball in front of him, and a football, and a baseball..."(p.61)
-"'Thanks Ron. I didn't know you were interested in music.' 'I like semi-classical a lot'"(p.64).

These contrast eachother becasue in the first one Ron seems to be the jock he is while in the second quote we see a different side of Ron one that likes classical music.

-dress sheilds
-highschool yearbook
-Brooks Brother shirt

Class Concsiousness:

"'Don't raise your voice to me. When's the last time you lifted a finger to help around here?' 'I'm not a slave...I'm a daughter'"(p.64).

Brenda at home does not need to do any work everything is done for her and her mother is bringing attention to that.  The way that Brenda answers suggests that she does not think she needs to do any work.

"We dressed similarily, sneakers, sweat socks, khaki Bermudas, and sweat shirts... She meant, I was sure, that I was somehow beginning to look the way she wanted me to. Like herself."(p. 71)

Although we couldn't see that Brenda had a problem that Neil was below her economic class inside we knew she did and she is starting to change that fact by making Neil look more 'sutible' for her class.

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