Friday, February 7, 2014

Goodbye Columbus CH 1

Parallels and Contrast

-"... She asked me to hold her glasses"(1) 

Neil used the fact that Brrenda gave him her glasses to hold as a way to make it less weird that he is calling a complete stranger.

-"The darker it got the more savagely did Brenda rush the net...earlier, in the light, she had stayed back..."(11)

When it got darker it seemed that Brenda was more awake than when it was light out but normally when it is light out people are more awake

-diving board
-suburban phone book
-golf balls
-whirring fan
-salt shakeer
-fuzzy jackets
-War and Peace
-Tennis Racket
-Neil's Car
Map of the Streets

I feel like the glasses are th most important because it is what got Neil to meet Brenda and he later used it as a way to remember him. 

Class Consciousness:

In this first chapter I feel like class consciousness is there but it is very subtle. Some instances include when he is driving towards Brenda there is a change in scenery.  Another part is  the fact that Neil is going to pick up Brenda from playing tennis after he met her at a country club and she went to drive golf balls. Another instance is when Neil compares the houses in Brenda's neighborhood to his own saying that everyone in Brenda's is staying inside in the AC house and Neil's neighborhood everyone is outside on their porches. My last example is when Neil tells Brenda what car she is driving:" 'I'll be driving a-' I hung back with the year, 'a tan plymouth...'"(8). He was ashamed of the car he drove and didnt want her to know.

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